Why choose BlueShell

We have 15 reasons:

1. We have more than 10 years of experience.
2. We are a professional manufacturer of high-quality smart LCD display devicesand innovative smart electronic products..
3. We can do for our customers ODM/OEM  products.  
4. Our output is no limit of quantity and can guarantee the delivery time and stock.
5. Guaranteed quality: we have a team of experts who check the goods before shipping according to expectations.
6. Free Sample: we can refund the sample cost in bulk order.  
7. Refund Policy: we make the refund if the products are defective .  
8. Deposit: Accept 30% deposit by T/T, Paypal, Western Union etc.  
9. We have large selections of items to cover different markets and needs.
10. We put passion into this work, because it is a job we have built ourselves and there can be no better result.
11. Promotion:We provide for some stock promotions to help customer grow them company with some discount items.
12. We follows trends to give the last techonologies items.
13. We did severals trip worldwide to meet customers and understand needs.
14. We have a very nice customer care and follow customers in any step of order.
15. The last reason is the most important: we follow these reasons every day and we always try to learn better from our mistakes ... so let's try to buy on Blueshell !!

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